Structural Analysis

We can analyze a wide variety of steel structures and their foundations, such as: guyed and self-supporting towers, aesthetically structures, steel platforms, roof-tops, etc. We use various software to verify and check the structures, such as: Guymaster, SPColumn and finite element analysis software (RISA-3D). The study can be performed in accordance with CSA-S37, ANSI/TIA-222 or your specifications.

The structural analysis will be completed with a comprehensive report outlining the findings and provide recommendations if overstresses were encountered. We will strive to find the most economical and "rigger friendly" reinforcing solution.

Site Design
We can design any type of vertical or supporting structure in accordance with your requirements and specifications, including foundations for any kind of soils. Our final product includes general arrangement drawings or full installation and fabrication packages.

Our vast array of inspection services cover telecommunication and broadcasting towers, AM stations, roof-tops, etc. We will asses the integrity of the structure and its appurtenances, as well as, provide recommendations for any maintenance work to be performed in order to bring the structure in compliance with CSA-S37-18, TIA-222-H and/or owner's specifications. Our comprehensive report, complete with photos, will outline the condition of the structure at the time of inspection (including the good and the bad).

We can also perform some regular maintenance items, such as: cold galvanizing, re-tape connectors or adjust guy tensions.