“Mircea is a good and reliable engineer who has a good understanding of the principles involved and can think outside the box and for the benefit of his clients.”

Simon Weisman

Weisman Consultants Inc.

We strive to help tower owners and operators in order to increase their structure usability.


looking for the most cost effective solution for your structures

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About Us

MTSE Inc., a newly established engineering company offers high quality professional engineering services for the telecommunication industry in Canada.

We have more than 20 years of experience in this ever-changing field, and being exposed to both the consulting and construction side, we can provide full solutions for your sites.

We are licensed and authorized to provide professional engineering services across Canada and can provide full analyses for all kind of towers, foundation designs, reinforcing design as well as a large spectrum of inspections.

We are registered with the Workplace Safety & Insurance Board of Ontario and carry full Commercial and Professional Liability insurances in Canada.